Discover legacy and modern IT infrastructure, and everything in-between, with complete dependency maps ranging from physical to logical connectivity.

Continuously updated connections between applications, and resource utilisation data to get the latest up-to-date state of your network whether its on-premise, co-located or in the cloud.

DCIM products can help data center managers identify and eliminate sources of risk and improve availability of critical IT systems. They can also be used to identify interdependencies between facility and IT infrastructures to alert the facility manager to gaps in system redundancy, and provide dynamic, holistic benchmarks on power consumption and efficiency to measure the effectiveness of "green IT" initiatives.

Data center-infrastructure management (DCIM) is a combination and integration of IT and FM technologies to provide centralised enterprise management of the data centre. DCIM provides metrics and real time monitoring of servers, storage, power consumption, cooling and utilisation.

Bellridge and ITAM

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