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Network Management Software

What is OpManager?

  • A complete, end-to-end network monitoring software
  • Offers advanced fault and performance management across WAN, VoIP services, network devices, servers, applications, databases and other IT infrastructure such as printers, UPS etc.
  • Everything that you need to manage your IT infrastructure
  • A practical alternative to the large, complex and expensive network management framework

OpManager. Your Solution.

For Network Performance Management

OpManager is a powerful fault and performance management tool for your network. More than 8000 organizations depend on OpManager because it allows you to:

  • Resolve network outages quickly, leverage SNMP traps & Syslogs
  • Understand application performance & how it impacts the network
  • Analyze WAN traffic using Cisco Netflow
  • Automate Network Change and Configuration Management
  • Monitor and troubleshoot VoIP performance
  • Visualize your network with rich and customizable maps

For Server Performance Management

OpManager, the "Swiss army knife of monitoring"
(Barry Nance, NetworkWorld), monitors all your servers and the applications, services and processes that run on them, regardless of vendor, type or make. With OpManager you can now:

  • Quickly resolve server performance problems
  • Monitor application performance
  • Monitor VMWare ESX servers and Guest OS performance
  • Monitor Exchange server performance
  • Troubleshoot SQL Server DB performance issues
  • Monitor MS Active Directory
  • Know how your IT SLAs are being impacted and take corrective action
  • Plan for IT capacity in your data centers


You & OpManager. Your Benefits.

Network Management

Get the visibility you need to manage your network.

  • Cisco IPSLA Monitoring
  • Reports and graphs for: Interface availability statistics, Interface traffic and utilization statistics, Interface response time statistics & Interface errors and discards
  • Monitors over 25 critical parameters on Cisco routers
  • WAN monitoring with Cisco IP SLA
  • VoIP QoS monitoring
  • NetFlow monitoring (Plug-in)
  • Network Configuration Management (Plug-in)
  • Firewall monitoring
  • Wireless Access point monitoring

Application Monitoring

Ensure peak application performance.

  • Active Directory monitoring
  • MS-Exchange: Monitor over 40 parameters such as Connection statistics, Message statistics, Non delivery reports
  • MS-SQL: Monitor Cache Hit Ratio, IO Batch Writes, IO Page Reads, Active Locks, Transaction Log space and other important parameters
  • Lotus Notes: Monitor over 30 parameters such as MTA Transfer Failures, Mail Delivery Time, Waiting Mails, Mail server hops etc
  • Oracle: Monitor parameters such as Table space allocated, Data file Disk writes, Cache Invalidations, Table scan Blocks, Number of User commits etc.

Server Management

Monitors servers across multiple vendor OS's.

  • Monitors CPU, Memory and Disk utilization
  • Monitors services such as HTTP, SMTP, IMAP, FTP, DNS, LDAP, HTTPS etc
  • Monitor critical parameters
  • VMware monitoring
  • Windows Services monitoring
  • Know your Top Attacks, URLs, denied requests, Security Events etc using FirewallAnalyzer (Add-on module)
  • Identify service response time degradations
  • Identify servers running low on disk space
  • View active processes and installed software details
  • URL monitoring
  • Eventlog monitoring

Fault Management

Be the first one to get alerted, assess and act on.

  • Intelligent alarm correlation and color coded alarms
  • Receive Email / SMS notifications
  • Log automatic trouble tickets and assign technicians using ServiceDeskPlus (Add-on Module)
  • Supports SNMP Traps
  • Automatically execute self healing scripts/programs when a fault occurs
  • Support for acknowledging alarms and adding operator notes
  • Automatically escalate critical alarms that are unresolved
  • Rule-based Syslog monitoring
  • Downtime Scheduler

Performance Management

  • Real-time performance graphs
  • Exclusive dashboard reports for Active Directory, Exchange & MS-SQL
  • Monitor Interface traffic, utilization and error statistics
  • Monitor CPU, Memory and Disk utilization statistics
  • Monitor Availability and Response time statistics
  • SLA availability dashboards for servers and networks
  • Get reports on Daily, Weekly, Monthly and custom period basis
  • Proactively identify performance degradations using thresholds
  • Export reports into HTML, PDF, CSV formats
  • Schedule reports and email to IT managers

Adaptive Management

Extend your monitoring, get a hold of your Complete IT.

  • Using business snapshots, group devices based on: Regions, Logical grouping, & Business services
  • Templates for over 637 device types and 232 interface types
  • Customizable dashboards and Plasma/CCTV views
  • Define New Device Templates
  • Monitor custom services over TCP
  • Monitor custom windows services
  • Add support for vendor specific SNMP Traps
  • Monitor and analyze specific characteristics of any SNMP manageable device

OpManager. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... learn why more than 700, 000 Network Administrators in more than 93 countries choose OpManager as their network monitoring software.

"OpManager is a real handy tool to manage not just the network devices but also your applications, servers and databases along with the swtiches and routers. With the automation of a lot of reporting chores, which we earlier used to do manually, our team now spends their time more productively on capacity planning and migration activities than on routine network monitoring and reports generation. Overall, OpManager gives the best of LAN and WAN management and at an affordable price point.

Naj Mickael, Ports Petroleum

 "I would like to say how much I enjoy your OpManager product. It provides all the tools needed to manage my network from one console. The features that were added in last update show your commitment to responding to your customers. I researched over 30 products prior to choosing OpManager and none of them came close to the number of features or anywhere near the affordability."

Paul Williams, National Financial Partners

"High availability of systems is critical for us and OpManager provides a superior solution as compared to other tools that I have used in the past. It provides critical fault and performance data from the network and makes my job much easier. It is an easy-to-use and cost effective product that allows me to quickly navigate through event data, pinpoint specific problems and use that information to take corrective actions."

Venkat Penmetsa, CustomerSat Inc