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Network Monitoring Toolset

What is OpUtils?

  • A web-based, ready-to-use, real-time monitoring solution to effectively manage IT infrastructure
  • Helps efficiently monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot IT resources
  • Consists of 30+ tools including: network diagnostics, address monitoring, network monitoring, cisco and SNMP tools
  • Compliments existing management tools by providing troubleshooting and real-time monitoring capabilities


OpUtils. Your Solution.

Cisco Tools

Cisco tools offer an easy way of monitoring your Cisco Routers, Switches, etc., effectively through SNMP. These tools help troubleshoot Cisco devices quickly and effectively. Cisco utilities offer a wide range of monitoring information you require about the router such as the name, description, flash memory of a router, the chassis details of a router, the static and dynamic routes of a Cisco router and more.

  • Device Scan - Utility to scan a subnet or a range of IP Addresses to collect the details of the Cisco Devices in the scanned range
  • TFTP Server - View the Config Files available in the TFTP Root. It also enables changing the TFTP Root directory and edit/upload config files from here
  • Device Explorer - View the complete details of a cisco device like Device Snapshot, Chassis, Flash, IOS, IP Routes, Device Monitor, Interfaces, and Access Lists

Diagnostic Tools

Oputils' diagnostic tools are used to check the availability, route and health of a system in a network using ICMP and SNMP. By drawing a graph with the available details, the tools show the status of a node. The tools also scan and check a range of IPs and come up with their status. Tools included in this category are:

  • Ping Tool - Ping a node to check its connectivity status in the network
  • Ping Scan - Scan a range of IP addresses to check if they are alive and reachable in the network
  • SNMP Ping - Ping a node, for checking if the node is SNMP enabled
  • SNMP Scan - Scan a range of SNMP-enabled IP addresses to check if they are alive and reachable
  • Proxy Ping - Do a ping test from a remote router to another remote device
  • Trace Route - Record the route (the specific gateway computers at each hop) through the network from Host to the target Destination

Address Monitoring Tools

Address monitoring tools are used to manage IP Address, MAC address and DNS name of a network. Tools included in this category include:

  • MAC Address Resolver - Resolve IP Address or Host Name to MAC Address and vice versa
  • MAC Address Scan - Discover the physical address of a given range of devices and map them with the corresponding IP addresses
  • DNS Resolver - A data query tool to translate host name into IP Address and vice versa
  • DNS Scan - Audit the given range of IPs for Reverse Lookup

Network Monitoring Tools

Monitors network performance, calculates the bandwidth utilization, and scans the traffic for errors through SNMP. Also provides asset details such as the OS, installed software, and hardware and informs you about the general availability and performance of network elements.

  • Wake-On-LAN - Remotely power on a PC
  • Port Scanner - Scan the ports of a system
  • System Details Update - View and update details
  • System Explorer - View the complete details of a device like, disk space, cpu usage, processes, installed software, etc.
  • TCP Reset - Find and reset the list of TCP connections established with the switches, routers, etc., in the network

SNMP Tools

It is common to have heterogeneous network environment hence the available tools in the OpUtils toolset might not be sufficient to monitor a wider range of devices. In such a scenario the SNMP toolset can be used to monitor such devices. The MIB database has a huge number of both private and standard vendor MIBs. Using tools such as SNMP walker, SNMP Graph and MIB browser one can monitor any SNMP device.

  • SNMP Walker - Retrieve information for a set of OIDs in a MIB
  • SNMP Table - Retrieve the data for the specified Table OID from the device
  • SNMP Graph - Gather data in real time and to draw graph for any SNMP device using the available data
  • MIB Browser - Load, browse, search, and walk through SNMP MIBs, and perform certain basic SNMP functions
  • MIB Viewer - Retrieve and analyze information about a MIB or a specific MIB OID/node from a MIB file
  • Community Checker - Detect the read and write community strings of the devices in the network

Featured Tools

  • Switch Port Mapper - Check and display the devices connected to the ports of a Switch
  • IP Address Manager - Scan the subnets and identify the used and available IP Addresses
  • Rogue Detection - Detect the unauthorized network access
  • Bandwidth Monitor - Monitor the average BPS and percentage utilization of all the Interfaces in the specified device
  • Network Monitor - Monitor the availability and response times of critical network devices
  • Config File Manager - Config File Manager downloads/uploads the StartUp and/or the Running config files from the given CISCO device and displays them. It also shows the colored difference between the two files
  • DHCP Scope Monitor - Find the used and available IP addresses in the scopes of the DHCP Server
  • Trap Receiver - View the SNMP Traps sent from the network devices
  • MAC IP List - To get the list of MAC and IP Addresses in the network

You & OpUtils. Your Benefits.

Map Switch Ports to Devices

Switch Port Mapper helps network engineers identify the switch port to which a device is connected and thus eliminates the need of manually tracing the network cables. The tool discovers the devices plugged into each port of a specified switch and is useful for system and network engineers to gain visibility into the IP, MAC, VLAN, status and availability of ports. Since this is a real-time discovery, the administrators can also view the operational status and speed of each port.

Manage IP Addresses

IP Address Manager (IPAM) tool helps network engineers to identify whether an IP Address is currently available or not in an enterprise network. The IPAM tool periodically scans a subnet and provides the availability status of IP addresses in that subnet. One can check whether a particular IP is reserved or available. The tool accept multiple subnet inputs, which helps in scanning the entire network to get the status of the IP Addresses.

Detect Unauthorized Network Access

OpUtils periodically scans the routers and subnets to detect any new systems/devices found in the network. Initially it lists all the systems/devices discovered in the network. The Administrator has to verify and mark all the valid systems/devices in the network. During subsequent scans, if any new device/system is detected in the network, it gets listed. This includes all types of devices like desktops/laptops (wired), mobile users (wireless), routers, switches, etc.


Monitor Bandwidth Utilization of Devices

Bandwidth Monitor tool provides the real-time network traffic of any SNMP device. It provides the bandwidth usage details both on at interface-level and at the device-level. It uses SNMP to fetch the bandwidth utilization details of a network interface. The bandwidth utilization of the device displays a comparison of the individual traffic of its interfaces.

Monitor Health and Availability of Critical Devices

Diagnostic Tools is a collection of generic utilities, for day-to-day management of the system and network. The tools can be used to troubleshoot, debug connectivity issues, packet loss and latency in a LAN environment.

Backing Up Configuration Files of Routers/Switches

Routers/Switches often get upgraded or swapped out for a number of reasons. Hence it is important to maintain the latest and history of the router's/switch's configuration files. This tool helps to maintain the Startup and Runtime configuration files of the Cisco Router/Switch.


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Download and trial it in your own environment ... see how OpUtils can help you to effectively monitor, diagnose and troubleshoot your IT resources.

"OpUtils has given me a single interface to monitor, isolate and troubleshoot network related problems usually before they are noticed by the end user base."

Jude Croyle, Meet Minneapolis


"The IP tool allowed us to recompile our Master IP list in a matter of minutes rather than wasting the time of 2 employees for a full day. In the first hour of it's use we were able to recover the cost of the software. During a restructuring of our facility we put OpUtils to the test verifying all our IP's. It worked perfectly at pinpointing old addresses not used and saved us serious time organizing our approach. Many thanks. "

Jeffrey Lane, The The Automaster Motor Co.

"OpUtils has provided us a detailed and intuitive interface to easily manage our IP space and switch ports. We can easily find any system on our network through their switch port mapper tool and also quickly identify possible security violations. "

Nichole K. Boscia, CSC, NASA Ames Research Center