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SupportCenter Plus

Helpdesk & Customer Support Software

What is SupportCenter Plus?

  • complete, web-based customer service and support solution
  • Helps you track and resolve customer issues quickly
  • An efficient and effective way to support, communicate and retain your customers


SupportCenter Plus. Your Solution.

Email Response Management

Avail one of the best email response management systems.

  • Automatic handling of email requests
  • Automated customer case-tracking
  • Reduce response and resolution times
  • Reduce time and cost of Support Staff, Increase Productivity

Contract Management

Make your customers special..

  • Prioritise your customers and provide unique service
  • Proactive Service level Management
  • Meet customer expectations through higher service levels
  • Bill your customers rightly based on resolution time

Customer Experience Management

Enrich your customer's experience.

  • Create and Schedule reports on the basis of different criteria
  • Conduct User Surveys and improve customer experience
  • Automatic escalations in order to keep the resolution time intact
  • Automatic case assignments and notifications


Account & Contact Management

Account and Contact information at your fingertips.

  • Maintain your account and contact information from a single, central location
  • Manage Accounts, Sub-Accounts and related contacts independently
  • Meet Unique needs of customers based on history
  • Increase efficiency through instant access of Account Information

Self Service & Knowledge Base

Empower your Customers and your Support.

  • Enhance user experience through self-service portal and reduce support load
  • Empower end-users to identify, search and find solutions on their own
  • Increase first call resolutions through integrating Knowledge Base
  • Make the support process 24x7 and avoid duplication of effort

You & SupportCenter Plus. Your Benefits.

Multi-Channel Communication

Keep connected with your customers 24 Hrs a Day and 7 Days a week through multiple channels of communication. Support your customers seamlessly.

Multi Tenancy

A Simple and flexible way to manage your departments, business units, Accounts and Customer groups. Manage all your client information with less effort and complete flexibility.

Email Response Management

Track all your trouble tickets from customers. Automatically convert emails into tickets. Manage your trouble tickets effectively with a robust email management system.

Self-Service Portal

Empower your customers by integrating our fully-customizable customer self-service portal with your website. The customers can track their tickets, find their own solutions and access available reports.

Knowledge Base and Solutions

Stop losing support productivity on repetitive queries. Deploy the best knowledge base and solutions which makes one-call resolution a reality and enhance your support staff's productivity.

Account and Contact Management

Avail the most robust account and contact management which helps you to manage client information with respect to business units, accounts and sub-accounts.

Contracts and SLA Management

Manage multiple service contracts and related support plans to service your customers on time and based on priority. Bill your customers accordingly.

Computer Telephony Integration

Wow! your customers by providing world class customer experience by integrating our computer telephony with Asterisk.

Remote Customer Support

Support and troubleshoot your customer queries over the internet by using our Remote Customer Support. Connect with your customers remotely, troubleshoot and provide superlative service.

Twitter Integration

Empower your customer support operation with SupportCenter Plus' twitter integration to effectively monitor trouble tickets reported through tweets for proactive response and improved customer support experience.

SupportCenter Plus. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see how you can deliver superior customer experience with ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus

"We did extensive testing of many customer support software and this is the best."

Rasmus Hassing Larsen, Informi GIS

"I can log, track and report all jobs to almost any scenario which has improved the efficiency of my organization. I am extremely satisfied with this solution and have had first class installation and support services"

Danny Hadjiantonakis, Innovateq Pty Ltd