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ServiceDesk Plus

ITIL Ready Help Desk & Asset Management Software

What is ServiceDesk Plus?

  • complete, web-based help desk and asset management solution
  • Helps you streamline and automate your IT support
  • Helps you to easily adopt and implement best practices in IT Service Support

ServiceDesk Plus. Your Solution.

Problem Management

Get proactive with problem management. Fix the root cause and prevent recurring incidents.

  • Easily identify problems with related incident details
  • Better understand root causes and impact analysis
  • Reduce errors, improve error control and rollbacks

Incident Management

Improve your First Call Resolution rate, respond faster and meet Service Level Agreements.

  • Respond to incidents on time
  • Better utilize support resources
  • Study impact on SLAs
  • Better understand incidents and their impact on business

Change Management

Reduce downtime caused by unauthorized changes. Implement a Change Management system that helps you manage and rollout approved changes with accepted risk.

  • Easily initiate changes (RFCs) and assign priorities based on urgency and impact on infrastructure
  • Easily create Change Advisory Boards (CABs) and send Change Requests for approval
  • Form implementation plans and review their progress

Configuration Management

Discover and uniquely identify assets, track status, ownership, and changes in configuration.

  • Manage asset relationships to understand their impact on business
  • Auto discover assets, both IT and Non-IT
  • Auto detect hardware and software details
  • Better understand relationships between assets
  • Maintain detailed database with all related asset information

You & ServiceDesk Plus. Your Benefits.

HelpDesk Management

Self-service Portal

Enable login for users to submit their trouble tickets.

Email Integration

Manage all help desk emails sent by the users.

API Integration

Integrate your web-based help desk software with any third-party software.


Active Directory Integration

Enable user authentication with single sign-on functionality.

Knowledge-base Solution

Search and add the troubleshooting docs.

Service Level Agreements

Set escalation levels for the SLA violations.


Robo Technician

Automate the "reset password requests".

Request Survey

Get the technician competent level and user satisfaction level on request resolutions.


Get a consolidated view on what is happening with your helpdesk.


Asset Management

Automatic Asset Discovery

Detect and update the hardware and software changes periodically.

Remote Control

Access any workstation in your network.

Asset Relationship

Find out the dependability of an asset with other assets, components or users.


Product Catalog

Create and manage a comprehensive list of all the assets and product types.

Software Usage Tracking

Manage the purchase of frequently used software.

Software License Management

Track software usage, license violations and ensure compliance.


Purchase Management

Track and manage your IT purchases, generate POs and automatically create assets from POs.

Software License Compliance

Maintain accurate software information for software audits.

Contract Management

Track all your support/maintenance contracts and lease agreements and get alerted when contracts are due for expiry.



Change Management

Manage pre-approved changes and other changes with complete approval cycle.

Problem Management

Find the root cause of incidents and reduce the impact on business.


Incident Management

Restore normal services as soon as possible with workarounds or solutions to make sure that it does not affect business.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

Centralized repository to hold all the information about all the assets and to manage the relationship between the Configuration Items (CIs).


ServiceDesk Plus. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment, see the ServiceDesk Plus advantage for yourself ... see why ServiceDesk Plus truly is ‘Help desk the World loves’.

Bosses Love It!

Get IT Service Management in one pack that is easy to implement. Helps you streamline your IT support process and improve user experience at an affordable cost.

Users Love It!

Provide intuitive self-service portal that helps users to find answers to common problems. Free up your support staff to focus on new initiatives.

Technicians Love It!

Empower your support staff to focus on resolving issues faster. Every information required - case history, user conversations, asset management, and software details are just a click away.

"Our technicians are 200% more efficient because of ServiceDesk Plus."

Alex Walker, Cetero Research

"We had looked at a number of different solutions and many of our technicians have had experience, including myself, with other help desk solutions. And we decided we were looking for something that is all encompassing. So when we evaluated ServiceDesk Plus, we realized the value that it could bring us by bringing all of these different solutions all under one umbrella… we have been very happy with the product"

Justin Balog, Security National Service Corporation

"We evaluated ServiceDesk Plus along with several other help desk vendors. ServiceDesk Plus is far better than Track-IT or even Remedy."

Guy Evans, Trim Masters