ServiceDesk Plus MSP

Complete ITIL Help Desk for Managed Service Providers

What is ServiceDesk Plus MSP?

  • web-based help desk and asset management solution for MSPs
  • Helps you manage your customers' help desk
  • The first ITIL-based Service Desk for MSPs

ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Your Solution.

Helpdesk Management

Gives you everything to manage your help desk requests effectively including auto routing of requests, notification alerts, request scheduling, LDAP, user survey, and flash reporting.

  • Custom request forms help you create templates for different types of requests
  • Email Integration to handle all the help desk emails sent by the users
  • Active Directory integration to enable user authentication with single sign-on functionality
  • Help Desk Reports to schedule and review the reports based on Request-status, SLA-violation and many more from the list of default reports or to create your own custom reports

Account Management

Helps you effectively manage your customer accounts with multi-site support for each account.

  • Service Level Agreements to set escalation levels for SLA violations for each site
  • Account based knowledge-base system for users and technicians to search and add the troubleshooting documents
  • Self-service portal for users from your accounts to log their requests and search the knowledge-base
  • Account specific Contract management for managing asset maintenance contracts for each of your accounts

Asset Management

Helps you manage and track all the assets in your customer accounts including integrated Asset Management (Software compliance & license tracking, Product Catalog, Asset Reports), Purchase Management, and Contracts Management.

  • Asset scan and Automatic asset discovery to detect and update the hardware and software changes periodically as well as Asset relationship to find asset dependencies 
  • Purchase management to track and manage IT purchases, Generate POs and automatically create assets from POs
  • Contract management to track support/maintenance contracts and lease agreements and get alerted when contracts are due for expiry

You & ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Your Benefits.

Service Level Agreement

Meet your customers' expectations and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction by providing quality and timely services using Service Level Agreements.

Asset Management

Manage and control each of your clients' IT and Non-IT assets remotely and transparently with the Asset Management Module specifically designed for Managed Service Providers.


Account Management

Provide services for multiple clients and accounts using a single application enabling users to access their specific accounts. Configure Account Specific Automations, Service Level Agreements, Knowledge base, Assets, Reports and much more.

Change Management

Implement changes in a controlled and structured environment which reduce the impact in systematic approach. This change management process goes through a complete approval cycle depending on the type of change.


Self-service Portal

Allow your customers to report and track their requests from the application and also diagnose basic incidents using the knowledge base, specific to each client’s account.

Integrated Remote Control

Avoid round trips to the desktop physically for diagnosing and resolving issues. Use the Remote Desktop Control Solution and gain access to the computers easily.


Purchase & Contract Management

Know what is being purchased for each account along with the expenses and relate them directly to CMDB. Set notifications to be alerted about the contract expiry.

Rebrand - Personalise you Account

Transform the Labels and Logos for each account and provide a personalized/professional look and feel.


Problem Management

Helps to reduce adverse impacts caused by incidents and avoids the recurrence of problems related to these incidents. This primary focus on problem management is root cause analysis and elimination. The tool also helps in managing multiple incidents revolving around a single problem easily.


Get the visibility and control over your customers' accounts using a wide range of reporting options - more than 100 Canned Reports, flexible Custom Reports, easy-to-view Flash Reports and so on.


ServiceDesk Plus MSP. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see why ServiceDesk Plus MSP it is recommended by leading Managed Service Providers.

"Having tested products such as Vivantio and Numara Track-It! we have found that ServiceDesk Plus MSP is an exceptional solution for MSPs and with ManageEngine's 90:10 promise it's a real no brainer. MSC247 is one of the UK's leading IT Managed Service providers and being able to depend on our core systems are vital to ensuring our clients get the best possible service, ServiceDesk Plus MSP will allow us to further enhance our services and we would therefore highly recommend it to anyone."

Mark Mottershead, Managed Services Centre Limited

"As a Managed Service Provider who has been in the I.T Helpdesk industry for over 18 years and using a number of different helpdesk applications to support over a hundred customers, we believe that we have finally found a solution that fulfills our requirements. ManageEngine allows our customers to be kept up to date on a three tier level (Telephone/Web and Email) , provides excellent SLA options based on customers, allows our technical staff to be kept update instantly on all requests and most of all provides easy to use reporting facility which can be scheduled giving me the time to concentrate on other business requirements! It has all the features an MSP needs at a very affordable price. Now I can focus on my customers without worrying about the software, features or prices."

Jason Roberts, TCNS - IT and Network Support Provider