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Applications Manager

Business Centric Server and Application Performance Monitoring Software

What is Applications Manager?

  • An

    availability and performance monitoring software

     that helps businesses ensure high availability and performance for their business applications
  • Helps you to

    monitor performance and availability of Web Applications, Application Servers, Databases, Custom Applications, Systems, and Services

     in a complex business environment
  • It

    renders a holistic view of your IT infrastructure

  • Helps in

    detecting problems before they affect end users

    , identifies root cause analysis of problems, and helps in trend analysis through performance reports

Applications Manager for monitoring Servers, Application Servers, Databases, SOA monitoring

Applications Manager. Your Solution.

Holistic View of Business Environment

Get a unified view of your entire business environment and real-time visibility into it;

Applications Manager

 makes management and monitoring of IT resources easy without the overhead of maintaining different management tools.

No Downtime, Available All the Time

Detect problems such as service outages and response time bottlenecks before they affect end users; with

Applications Manager

 you can stop the strain on your customer relationships.

Employee Productivity

Effortless deployment of

Applications Manager

 and no need for formal training increases IT personnel and operator productivity, allowing more time to be spent resolving issues rather than tracing problems.

Trends and Forecasts


Applications Manager

 monitor the trends and future-proof today's investment by defining your baselines with comprehensive management reporting and graphs.


Resource Optimization

Applications Manager

 gives your business a quick view of load conditions and capacity utilizations to help plan optimal utilization of hardware and software resources.

Smart Budgeting

Compliment yourself with

Applications Manager

 with rapid ROI, lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), improved service-level performance and minimal upkeep.

You & Applications Manager. Your Benefits.

Performance Management

Use over 100 critical performance parameters with

Applications Manager


Applications Discovery

Applications Manager

 allows you to discover and combine servers, services and systems.

Holistic View of IT Resources

Manage a wide range of business applications and network services with

Applications Manager


Distributed Monitoring

Applications Manager

 Enterprise Ed. gives you the ability to view resources according to network or geographical location.

Intuitive Web Client

Perform admin activities through the

Applications Manager

 Web browser interface.

Multilingual Support

Applications Manager

 comes in German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Hungarian, Japanese and Vietnamese.

Root Cause Analysis


Applications Manager

 get detailed info on bottlenecks in your system.

Powerful Reporting


Applications Manager

 get graphics on attribute statistics.

Fault Management

Applications Manager

 allows you to send alarms based on your triggers and escalate how you like.

User Administration

Divide your team into User, Operator, Administrator and Manager and create custom

Applications Manager

 dashboards for each.


Applications Manager

 integrates to log and track alarms raised (with ServiceDesk Plus) or view the performance of servers, databases and network devices (with OpManager).



Applications Manager. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download Applications Manager and trial it in your own environment ...

 see how Applications Manager ensures the performance and availability of your applications.

"We use Applications Manager to monitor our Weblogic application servers, along with the SQL databases and operating systems they run on. We managed to save tens of thousands of dollars by switching from CA's Wily Introscope. Applications Manager can do everything Wily does, and all with no agents, and a browser-based UI. I set up the monitors I needed in less than a day."

Bill Bohlen, Hallmark Channel