V-Requester is a powerful Outlook add-in for ServiceDesk Plus and is counter part for V-Technician. The add-in is designed to simplify the process of creating requests from the end user point of view and straight into ServiceDesk Plus. Once the end user has created the request he/she interact with the request directly from Outlook.


Save Time

Using our products you can make your service process more efficient by reducing the amount of time spent when managing support and service requests.

Improve Service

Make sure all your support request are logged in your support system, Requests that are not logged can get lost and that can result in unhappy customers!

Flexible License Structure

The license structure ensures excellent value-for-money for any business as it allows you to buy only what you need.


Increase Revenue

Our products ensure that all requests end up in the support system, even when sent directly to the support personnel. More request = more billing hours = more revenue.



Easy To Use

Our products are developed for IT professionals but that does not mean that things have to be complicated.


Quick Return On Investment

The product guarantees quick ROI since you only need a few requests logged in the system that otherwise would have been lost.

Easy Deployment

The product is designed for mass deployment, systems like Configuration Manage and Desktop Central can distribute MSI packages and assign license, URL and API.

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