MSP Center Plus

Integrated MSP Platform

What is MSP Center Plus?

  • An integrated MSP platform that combines RMM, HelpDesk and PSA
  • Helps Managed Service Providers deliver IT Automation Services to your customers remotely
  • Offers all the high-end remote monitoring and management functions, helpdesk, and service automation features in a single integrated software
  • Realize higher profitability and very low operational costs

MSP Center Plus. Your Solution.

All From One Interface

  • Login based views enable seamless working of multiple teams from one interface
  • Management have total visibility of the process: from customer, to helpdesk, to the NOC team, to techinician 

Monitor Key Applications

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • More than 150 performance monitors for these applications

Manage Onsite Visits

  • Schedule onsite visits
  • Reduce paperwork for time and expense entry
  • Technician completes timesheets without delay
  • Generate invoice

Manage Desktops & Servers

  • Patch the servers and desktops
  • Install software and scripts
  • Configure registry settings, power settings, firewall settings etc.
  • Asset management and tracking
  • Software license management

Monitor Devices

  • Monitor routers, servers, switches... (SNMP, WMI, Telnet)
  • Out-of-the-box support for all major vendors
  • Measure availability distribution across the network
  • Create and measure SLAs
  • Custom device support

Manage Customer Requests

  • Integrated helpdesk for seamless operation
  • Account and contact management
  • Business rules for assigning tickets
  • Customer survey

You & MSP Center Plus. Your Benefits.

Network Monitoring

Applications Monitoring

Detect Exchange problems quickly, Pin-point the exact point of failure, Minimize Exchange downtime, Know the health of your Exchange Server inside out. Monitor: Exchange Services, Information Store, Queues and Connections, Exchange Dashboard, MS Best Practices.

Network Monitoring & Alerting 

Uses a probe-server model to remotely monitor networking devices and servers. Each probe, installed at the customer LAN, provides auto discovery and monitoring. Data from multiple probes are collected and aggregated on the central server for alarm processing and reporting. Network monitoring includes routers, switches, servers and printers.


Server Monitoring

Provides much needed visibility into the availability and performance of your servers and offers server monitoring, server performance management and server capacity planning.

SLA Management

Create and manage Service Level Agreements based on the availability of the managed devices.


Desktop Management

Desktop Management

Reduce the pain of desktop management by means of automation, standardization, and control. Automate routine desktop management tasks, Standardize with settings and templates, Control with Security policies.

Security & Patch Management 

Automatically scans the desktops and servers and reports missing patches. Simply enable auto-patching so that it downloads the patches and applies them at specified time periods or manually patch them.


Remote Control

Offers web based Remote Control access to your clients' Windows Desktops and Servers. As the remote control connection is established via internet, it is secure and at the same time helps you access from anywhere.

Asset Management

Automatic and up-to-date auditing of hardware and software assets across every customer, with reports on: Operating Systems, Memory, Year of Installation, Type of Device, Hardware Manufacturers, Hardware types, Software Manufacturers, Software list, Recently installed software.


HelpDesk & Service Automation

HelpDesk & Trouble Ticketing

Inbuilt helpdesk that can convert emails into requests automatically, as well as: Automatic alarm-to-ticket creation, Business rules to quicken ticket allocation, Multi-thread email capture on helpdesk requests, Knowledge Base, SLA Violation Alerts, Escalation Policies, Mean-time-to-Respond reports.

Professional Service Automation

Streamlines on site tech visits by combining a dual acknowledgment-approval process ensuring that no work is left un-billed. It offers a seamless handover of task from helpdesk to technicians and back to helpdesk or management upon completion.


MSP Center Plus. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see why MSP Center Plus truly is Business Service Management made Easy.

"I have seen products from Kaseya, LPI etc., but found MSP Center far superior."

Scott Weaver, Schema Networks


"The new release looks very good! So good that even after testing it for only a couple of days we are thinking of switching our current monitoring app to MSPCenter."

Harry Boshoff, I Company