Site 24x7

Hosted Website Monitoring Solution

What is Site 24x7?

  • A hosted website monitoring service
  • Checks for the response time and availability of your website
  • Helps ensure websites are up and running at peak performance
  • Periodically checks if your website is accessible or not - when not accessible, notifications are sent and corrective actions can be triggered

Site 24x7. Your Solution.

Website Performance Monitoring

  • Ensure your web sites are delivering excellent performance from an end-user perspective
  • Get instant notifications when there are problems with your site such as connectivity problems, slow page load time, or content errors
  • Improve customer experience by improving performance of your web sites

Website Availability Monitoring

  • Monitor uptime of web sites from multiple geographical locations
  • Get instant notifications via email, SMS or RSS when your site goes down
  • Helps you pick the right web host for your business
  • Minimize any risk of direct loss of revenue to your business by minimizing downtime

Site 24x7 API

  • Rest style Web APIs over HTTP, provides an easy way to integrate Site24x7 into your application
  • Users/developers can extend their web applications to pull data from Site24x7
  • Create custom applications/services that take advantage of Site24x7 data

Web Page Analysis

  • WPA downloads the full content of your web page and analyzes all its components including scripts, CSS, images, etc
  • Provides a first-hand experience of how your web site loads the first time, from an end-user perspective
  • Know the total loading time of your web page as well as the individual load times of the components of the page

You & Site 24x7. Your Benefits.

Global Website Uptime Monitoring 

Ensure your websites and servers are up and running worldwide (17 different geographical locations).

Website Performance Monitoring 

Optimize the performance of your websites and take steps to improve the end-user experience.

Website Monitoring Reports 

Gain useful insight into website and server performance and observe trends over time.


Monitor Web Applications 

Keep track of the performance of multi-step web applications or business transactions.

Receive Instant Notifications 

Be the first to know if there are problems. React quickly before your users are affected.

Client Optimized for iPhone

Access your site24x7 account from your mobile phone using a mobile web browser.


Monitor DNS Servers

Ensure your DNS server is up and running and resolving domain names correctly.

Mail Server Monitoring

Check the performance of your email servers and calculate email round-trip time.

SLA Management

Define rules for your service-level agreements and track their compliance.


Site 24x7. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see why Site 24x7 is Website Monitoring from a Global Perspective.

"One of our favourite tools. Great reporting and very simple to use. We know tools and this is a really good one! Great job guys!"

Ian Brown, BlackApple Ltd

"What a super site! I've been looking for something like this for years. Thanks to Site24x7, I've now changed host after Site24x7 emailed the downtime stats. Within days my sales have gone up by 30%. If you own a website you need Site24x7. Big thanks to all at Site24x7!"

Mr Walker, Watch Football


"My current web vendor is unresponsive and provides almost no reporting. This application has allowed me to view my site downtimes. Now that I have empirical knowledge of downtime and poor response time, I have the means to discuss service level agreements. This service is the absolute best."

Andrea Canfield, American Van Equipment

"I've been using your service now for about a year and it is the next best thing to being there. In the last two months alone, your service has notified me of our contract server being down and provided me the verification to file a documented claim with our server providers. In the past they would just pass off my complaints that the server was offline, now they simply fix the problem because they know I have proof. Thanks... and it sure has saved having to refund my customer for server downtime. We guarantee 99% uptime when we sell an account and that one percent is just about how long it takes to get the server back up."

Robert Weaver, BrittanySoft Microsystems