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Security Manager Plus

Network Security Scanner & Patch Management Software

What is Security Manager Plus?

  • A network security scanner that proactively reports on network vulnerabilities, helps to remediate them and ensure compliance
  • Protects the network from security threats and malicious attacks
  • Provides detailed inventory of network assets, assesses network vulnerabilities and identifies devices that are exposed
  • Automatically remediates some open threats to the systems by deploying missing patches/updates and service packs
  • Provides solutions to mitigate risks, secure the IT environment and generates comprehensive audit reports for compliance and understanding

Security Manager Plus. Your Solution.

Vulnerability Scanning

Detect and quickly mitigate network vulnerabilities. Prevent security threats to your system.

  • Scan Assets & Asset Groups
  • View vulnerable asset details
  • Schedule vulnerability scans
  • E-mail Scan Reports
  • View remediation solutions for identified vulnerabilities
  • View the Security Dashboard: most Vulnerable Assets and Asset Groups, most prevalent vulnerabilities, latest available remediations

Windows Change Management

Profiles are defined by users to capture a list of important files, folders and registry entries that need to be periodically tracked for changes. Change tracking can be done on Assets or Asset Groups. Multiple profiles can be associated to the same asset or asset group.

  • Set baseline for tracking changes
  • Create Change Management profiles
  • View Inventory Dashboard: Assets and entities with most changes, top 5 software installed, top 5 OS's detected
  • View Change List for an Asset

Open Ports Detection

Take control of open ports and prevent exposure to malicious attacks..

  • Detect Open Ports
  • Configure port detection
  • View the open ports list, protocol and service info
  • View the vulnerabilities of exposed ports

Patch Management

Identify missing patches/packages and service packs on vulnerable assets. Automatically download patches and deploy them on the systems that require them.

  • Deploy missing patches and service packs
  • View Patch details
  • Schedule patch deployment
  • View Patches dashboard: network patch status, patches required for your network, most vulnerable hosts, recently released patches

You & Security Manager Plus. Your Benefits.

Vulnerability Database

Security Manager Plus has a comprehensive database of industry-known vulnerabilities and also maintains patch database information. Vulnerabilities are classified into predefined vulnerability groups and frequently updated with the latest security signatures.

Hardware & Software Inventory

Security Manager Plus intelligently scans for Hardware and Software inventory details for all assets and reports them as a part of the scanned asset details. This automates the pain-staking task of manually auditing your inventory, at the same time ensuring that inventory resources in the network assets are in line with the company's security policies.

PCI DSS Compliance

Automate the process of PCI DSS Compliance by scanning your network for vulnerabilities, determining if your network security is compromised and reporting whether the systems are compliant or not-compliant to the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).


Audit Reports

A set of comprehensive canned and custom reports including Executive reports, Remediation reports, Differential reports, Service Packs and Patches report, View File & Registry Change report.

Manage Over the Internet

Security Manager Plus is powered with an agent that can be used to manage systems where maintaining a dedicated network tunnel is not feasible; therefore allowing communication over the internet. The only prerequisite is that the Security Manager Plus Agents should be able to contact the Security Manager Plus Server over the web (using HTTP).

Windows Users & Groups

Security Manager Plus provides an easy to use dashboard with Windows Users and Groups information. A vulnerability scan on an asset with appropriate login credentials will display this information, which can also be converted into PDF or CSV formats for reporting and audit purposes.


Security Manager Plus. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see why Security Manager Plus is exactly the software you need to protect your network from security threats and malicious attacks.

"Security Manager Plus has helped us create & streamline a Vulnerability Management process & added value to our company's network security."

Daniel Moesch, Harris Associates L.P.