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Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Log Analysis Software

What is Firewall Analyzer?

  • A web based, agent-less, firewall log analysis and reporting software
  • Monitors, collects, analyzes, and archives logs from enterprise-wide network perimeter security devices and generates reports
  • Empowers Administrators by providing comprehensive reports about security events, enabling them to mitigate any security threats
  • Allows Administrators to take control of the bandwidth usage of the enterprise by pinpointing offending users and URLs visited
  • Forensic analysis, capacity planning, policy enforcement, and security compromises are some of the critical decisions that are made simpler using Firewall Analyzer

Firewall Analyzer. Your Solution.

Monitor Network Security Events

  • Instant one click reports for Security, Viruses, and Attacks
  • Comprehensive VPN reports give out detailed statistics on VPN usage
  • Spot the VPN users in real-time

Get Real-time Alerts & Administer Alerts

  • Email alert notifications for anomalous events and specific events
  • Adopt any other alert notification mechanism using Run Program on alert generation
  • Alert administration for resolving the security or bandwidth issues

Monitor Bandwidth Usage

  • Live Reports enable real-time monitoring of bandwidth usage
  • Exhaustive Traffic Reports for finding out who is using the bandwidth, how much, when and what sites are being accessed
  • Traffic Trend Reports makes the job of capacity planning and Internet bandwidth resource augmentation easier
  • Top Talkers Report will list the maximum bandwidth user through the proxy server
  • Website Details Report lists the complete details of the web sites visited by the user through the proxy server

Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) Ready

  • Profitable Managed Firewall Service for MSSP's
  • Administrator assigned user-specific Firewall views access
  • Separate access to each client to view only respective Firewall details
  • Customizable dashboard views based on different geographical locations or customer's nature of business
  • Alert administration for resolving issues (a simple ticketing functionality)

You & Firewall Analyzer. Your Benefits.

Multiple Device Support

Support for most leading enterprise firewalls, VPN, IDS, and proxy servers.

Forensic Analysis

Use the raw log search to find out the exact log data which indicated the security event under investigation.

MSSP Support

User-based firewall views, anomaly detection filters for network behavioral analysis aid Managed Security Service Providers to manage multiple client networks.


Real-time Alerting

Set threshold-based alerts and instant e-mail notifications when alerts are triggered.

Flexible and Scheduled Log Archiving

Archive all log data, or modify archiving intervals depending on disk space.

Administer Alerting

To track the remediation by network administrators administer the alerts.


Capacity Planning

View traffic, VPN trends and determine usage patterns and peak hours for better planning of network capacity.

Powerful Multi-level Drill-down

Drill down from traffic reports to see top hosts, top protocols, top websites, and to the core raw loglevel.

Instant Reports

Generate over 100 pre-defined reports on bandwidth usage, protocol usage, and more. Reports can be exported to PDF format.


Custom Reports

Define reporting criteria, set graph parameters, use aggregated and raw log search and save reports.

Security Analysis

Analyze denied requests, top denied URLs, and more.

VPN / Squid Proxy Reports

View live VPN users, VPN statistics, VPN usage details, squid usage, top talkers, website details, and more.


Scheduled Reporting

Set up schedules for reports to be generated and emailed automatically.

Anytime, Anywhere Access & Management

Web-based user interface lets you view event details in realtime from any system on the network.

Admin Reports

Pre-built reports for regulatory compliance audit.


Built-in Database

Comes with an integrated MySQL database that is already configured to store all log data. No external database configurations are needed.

Host OS Support

Can be installed and run on Windows and Linux systems making it suitable for deployment in a wide range of enterprises.


Firewall Analyzer. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see how Firewall Analyzer helps you relax and be aware of security threats and bandwidth usage.

" With close to 70,000 membership-base, internet bandwidth usage is critical to the organization's function. I needed a product that is easy to setup, easy to use and affordable. Firewall Analyzer meets and surpasses all these requirements."

Lincoln Mason, Professional Engineers Ontario

"This tool is very useful. If you have only a few moments to have a look at your Firewall log, you can rapidly have an idea on what's happening to your network. With the complete message, you will rapidly find the source (virus, peer2peer, DNS mis-configuration or other parameter)."

Steve Balon, Integrated Network Solutions