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EventLog Analyzer

EventLog & SysLog Management Tool

What is EventLog Analyzer?

  • Collects, analyzes, reports, and archives Event Logs, SysLogs and Application logs
  • Generates graphs and reports that help in analyzing system problems with minimal impact on network performance
  • Helps monitor internal threats to the enterprise IT resources and tighten security policies in the enterprise
  • Helps system administrators to troubleshoot performance problems on hosts, select applications, and the network

EventLog Analyzer. Your Solution.

Secure your Network Resources

  • Security Policy violations can be detected and alerts generated
  • Identify unauthorized/failed login(s) and malicious activites
  • Spot the VPN Users in real-time

Be Compliant & Audit Ready

  • Pre-built compliance reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GLBA regulatory acts
  • Customize reports to suit your requirements
  • Create reports for any new compliance acts

Instant Alerts On Network Activities

  • Receive automatic real-time alerts for customized alert profiles
  • Set specific criteria on hosts/group of hosts which need monitoring
  • Setup email notification of alerts or run a program for any other means of notification

Any Device, Any OS - Monitor Them ALL

  • Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008
  • Linux - Redhat, Debian
  • UNIX - Solaris, HP-UX
  • Switches and Routers - Cisco and others
  • SNARE for Windows
  • IIS - Web server, FTP server and MS SQL server

Go Back in Time & Analyze for the Future

  • Reports that help augmenting resources and in capacity planning
  • View and generate trend reports to show event patterns across hosts for various event types and event security parameters
  • Trends on alerts triggered are also available

You & EventLog Analyzer. Your Benefits.

Exhaustive Application Log Analysis

Analyzes the application logs like SQL, web and FTP server applications to enable the user to optimize the application and network performance.

Comprehensive Event Collection

Collects and stores application, system, and security event data from enterprise-wide Windows and UNIX systems, Cisco Routers and Switches, and other Syslog devices.

Powerful Multi-level Filters and Drill-down

Define event filter to specify criteria such as event type, severity, etc. in reports. Drill down from event reports to see specific event details about a host or a group.


Real-time Alerting & Automatic Notification

Automatic alerting allows you to set the specific criteria on hosts/group of hosts for which you need to be notified.

Historical Trending

View trends of events based on event severity, and event type. Trends on alerts triggered are also available.

Compliance Reporting

Generate pre-defined reports to meet HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance requirements. Customize the pre-defined reports to suit your needs.


Instant Reports

Generate reports in real-time and get instant access into last events generated. View last events generated, for any host from which event logs are collected.

Create Reports for new Compliances

Generate new reports to meet any new regulation to be complied with.

Pre-defined Event Reports

Comprehensive reports on events generated across hosts, users, processes, host groups, and events by count.


Security Analysis

Identify unauthorized and failed logins, and malicious user(s). Set alerts for suspicious hosts, and monitor events exclusively.

Host Grouping

Group hosts together based on your business needs, apply rules, generate event reports, and analyze trend patterns exclusively.

Built-in Database

Integrated MySQL database is already configured to store all log data. No external database configurations are needed.


Anytime, Anywhere Access & Management

Generate reports and set up archiving from just a web browser.

Host OS Support

Can be installed and run on Windows and Linux systems making it suitable for deployment in a wide range of enterprises.

Support for MS SQL Database

Supports MS SQL database so that the user has a choice to select.


Customizable Reports

Build custom reports with event filters and report format options tailored to meet your specific needs.

Report Scheduling

Automatically generate reports at specified time intervals and get them delivered via e-mail.

Multiple Report Export Formats

Generate and view reports in HTML, PDF, and CSV formats.


EventLog Analyzer. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see how EventLog Analyzer keeps you proactively secured and ensures IT compliance.

"EventLog Analyzer has made the job of reviewing logs much easier. We save many hours every week"

Jin Ho, Cutera Inc.