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Desktop Central

Windows Server & Desktop Management Software

What is Desktop Central?

  • A complete, web-based, Windows server and Desktop management solution
  • Helps in managing tens to thousands of servers/desktops from a central location
  • Its network-neutral architecture helps to easily manage AD, Workgroup and Novell eDirectory based Windows networks, in the LAN or distributed across WAN
  • Audit your IT Assets, Automate regular Desktop Management activities, Standardize configurations across the network, Secure desktops and Troubleshoot day-to-day problems

Desktop Central. Your Solution.

Software Deployment

  • Install or uninstall MSi & EXE based applications
  • Schedule software deployments
  • Run pre- and post- installation scripts

System Tools

  • Schedule Execution of Tools
  • Disk Defragmentor
  • Check Disk
  • Wake on LAN
  • Remote shutdown
  • View the status of each task

Patch Management

  • Deploy Windows patches/updates for OS and applications
  • Automate patch management
  • View the status of the patch deployment

Remote Control

  • Web-based remote control
  • Allow collaboration with multiple concurrent connections
  • Compliance with Regulatory Standards like HIPPA, SOX etc.
  • Wake on LAN


  • Over 100 out-of-the-box Active Directory Reports on Users, Computers, Groups, OU and Domains
  • Power Management Report: system uptime report for claiming utility rebates 
  • Reports on patches, configurations and events for auditing


  • Over 25 pre-defined Configurations for users and computers
  • Templates for Frequently Used Configurations
  • Standardize desktop, computer, application and security settings

You & Desktop Central. Your Benefits.

Software Deployment

Software distribution and update in a large network is always a tedious process which involves lot of administrators' time and resources. Moving around and installing in each and every system reduces their productivity. Remote software installation and automated installation thus becomes very critical.

  • Create software repository. The packages created once can be reused any number of times to install or uninstall the software
  • Supports installing both MSI & EXE based Applications
  • Option to install the application as a specific-user using the "Run As" option
  • Option to copy the installables to the client computers before installing the software
  • Supports executing pre-installation scripts/commands prior to installation and aborts if not successful
  • Ability to schedule software deployments

Asset Management

One of the Administrators' task is to keep an up-to-date information about the software and hardware used across the organization. Manual compilation and reconciliation of these details is effort-intensive and are error-prone. Desktop Central's Web-based Inventory Management not only helps to automate this task, but also provides out-of-the-box Network Inventory reports to get the required details in a very few clicks.

  • Complete Hardware and Software Inventory
  • Scan the systems periodically to collect the hardware and software details
  • Manage Software Licenses
  • Detect Prohibited Software in the network
  • Provides software usage statistics
  • Alert on specific events
  • Comprehensive reports on hardware, software inventory and license compliance

Patch Management

Desktop Central's agent-based solution handles every aspect of Windows and Non- Microsoft patch management like System discovery, identifying the required Windows Microsoft updates and Non-Microsoft Patch details, deploying relevant patches, hotfixes, security updates, and patch reports to make network administrators job simple.

  • Uses a hosted Patch Database at ManageEngine site to assess the vulnerability status of the network
  • Completely automated Patch Management Solution
  • Solution from detecting the missing patches/hotfix to deploying the patches
  • Patch based deployment - Deploy a patch to all the systems applicable
  • System based patch deployment - Deploy all the missing patches and hotfixes for a system
  • Automatic handling of patch interdependencies and patch sequencing
  • Reports on System vulnerabilities, Patches, OS, etc.
  • Provides an update of the patch deployment status
  • Supports both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft Patches
  • Supports Anti-Virus Definition Updates for Microsoft Forefront Client Security Software

Remote Desktop Sharing

Desktop Sharing enables the administrators to connect and control remote Windows desktops in the LAN and WAN. Accessing computers at a remote location in WAN can be either through VPN or through Internet. It is a web-based tool enabling access from anywhere in the LAN without requiring any native client. It allows almost all operations to be performed on the remote desktop.

  • Web-based tool enables access from anywhere in the LAN 
  • Remote Control operations use 128-bit AES encryption protocols  
  • Automatically installs the desktop-sharing agent in each desktop 
  • Supports viewing/accessing remote desktops using Active X and Java Plug-ins
  • Prompts user confirmation before providing the access to a remote desktop
  • Supports locking the users keyboard and mouse when accessing from remote. Users screen can also be blacked out so that they are not aware of the changes you make
  • Ability to send "Cnt+Alt+Del" command to access a locked computer and  "Alt+Tab" command to switch between users' applications
  • Ability to remotely transfer files across machines
  • Multi-Monitor Support with easy switching options 

Service Pack Installation

Deploying Service Packs (SP) using Desktop Central is a simple three step process: Download the required service packs, define, and deploy the configuration. As a first step, the selected service packs are downloaded and stored locally, which can then be installed on to the systems. A configuration once defined can be any number if times to deploy service packs to any number of systems. The status of the service pack deployment is made available in the reports for later verification.

  • Service Packs can be installed to multiple systems simultaneously
  • Use an already downloaded service pack for installation
  • Option to suspend and resume Service Pack installation
  • View the status of the Service Pack installation

Windows Configurations

  • Desktop Configurations: includes desktop configuration like setting path, Environment variables, display properties, drive mapping, managing shortcuts, configuring IP/shared printers, displaying message box, and launching applications
  • Computer Configurations: includes computer configuration like managing local users, groups, Windows services, scheduling applications, manipulating registry entries, installing software, configuring power schemes, and executing custom scripts
  • Applications Configurations: includes configuring Windows applications, such as MS Outlook, MS Office, Internet Explorer, etc.
  • Security Configurations: Includes configuring firewall settings, security policies, displaying legal messages and alerts

Desktop Central. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see why Desktop Central is a one-stop solution for all your desktop management needs.

"I was looking for a solution for centralized deployment of software packages. With Desktop Central, I don't have to run around to install software locally which saves me an awful amount of time. I was really impressed with the easy setup and deployment, I was able to install DC, configure it, configure the domain and agents and push a first small software package in less than an hour."

Sven Reyniers, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

"Desktop Central has worked very well for us. One important function that we use regularly is to retrieve the details of the software installed in the managed PC's. This helps us to keep track of the licenses of the commercial software and to be compliant. The support is outstanding, technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and the few times I required a patch it was available next day. Really GREAT!"

Michel Sargentini, Certis Europe B.V.