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ADManager Plus

Active Directory Management & Reporting

What is ADManager Plus?

  • A simple, easy-to-use Windows Active Directory Management and Reporting Solution
  • Helps AD Administrators and Help Desk Technicians with their day-to-day activities
  • A centralized and Intuitive web-based UI that handles a variety of complex tasks like Bulk Management of User accounts and other AD objects, as well as Delegates Role based access to Help Desk Technicians
  • Generates an exhaustive list of AD Reports, some of which are an essential requirement to satisfy Compliance Audits

ADManager Plus. Your Solution.

The Active Directory Management Challenge

  • Create/modify thousands of user accounts on the fly
  • Manage user mailboxes in Exchange servers
  • Manage passwords for user accounts in AD
  • Template-based approach
  • Clean-up Active Directory - delete/disable/move accounts


Compliance with ADManager Plus

  • Retrieve and utilize AD data to assist in organizational policy compliance
  • Compliance reports to meet regulatory standards like SOX, HIPAA and more

Delegation: Role-based Access Management

  • More granular delegation of administrative authority
  • Delegate tasks like reset passwords, create/delete/disable accounts, unlock user accounts; to help desk techs
  • Exercise control over every attribute modified by help desk techs
  • OU-based administration

You & ADManager Plus. Your Benefits.

Single and Bulk User Management

Create and modify multiple user accounts: modify attributes, reset passwords, change user display names, create exchange mailbox, manage inactive accounts, move users between OU's.

Group Management

Create Active Directory User Groups, modify multiple members of a group, modify group attributes, and configure exchange attributes of AD groups.

Computer Management

Simultaneously modify computer objects including group attributes, general attributes, enable and disable computers, move computers between OU's.


HelpDesk Delegation

AD administrators can delegate tasks to non administrative users like help desk technicians or front line officials based on authorization controls.

Contact Management

Bulk contacts creation feature allows administrators to create mass standard contacts and mail enabled contacts by importing them from a CSV file.

OU Based Delegation

Automates routine AD Management and Reporting activities for AD Administrators and Delegates Role based access to HelpDesk Technicians.


OU-based Administration

The OU based administration lets the administrator delegate tasks with a scope limited to a specific Organizational Unit i.e. help desk users can perform the delegated activities that fall under the purview of the assigned OU in the Active Directory.

Standardize and Streamline your AD

Helps AD Administrators and HelpDesk Technicians with their day-to-day activities and eliminates repetitive, mundane and complex tasks associated with AD Management.

Comprehensive AD Reporting

Fully web-based intuitive UI, completely customizable, instant update/modify options, easy to generate/schedule reports, simple table format, restriction of report generation to specific OU's, compliance based (SOX,HIPAA,etc).


ADManager Plus. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... enjoy hassle-free AD Management and Reporting with ADManager Plus.

"Just about the best piece of security software that would put a smile on any security administrator."
Jacinto Godinho, Al-Ahli Bank of Kuwait

"We evaluated ScriptLogic Active Administrator, Quest AD management tool and ADManager Plus to solve our day-to-day AD management & Reporting needs. ADManager Plus with its high-end features and low-end cost was an obvious choice."

Meraz Nasir, Interfaith Medical Center

"With ADManager Plus, we can run reports to make sure that we are staying within the compliance guidelines between audits. ADManager Plus helps us take some of the edge off SOX compliance, and since the purchase we have received good SOX reviews."

Brian Seka, Keystone Corporation