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ADAudit Plus

Active Directory Auditing and Reporting

What is ADAudit Plus?

  • An enterprise-wide Active Directory change auditing software with reports and alerts
  • Addresses the most-needed audit and compliance demands set forth by regulatory and government bodies
  • Provides an IT administrator the right business add-ons to assist in the execution of a change management action
  • Answer the four vital Ws of Active Directory auditing: "Who" did "what" action, "when" and from "where"!

ADAudit Plus. Your Solution.

Monitor Day-to-Day Administrative Activities

A Report on all changes made by an administrator through the last day can be scheduled and e-mailed. Monitoring these changes as a daily routine reduces any risk of security breaches or misused privileges by your IT administrators.

Proactively Prevent Security Violations

Unauthorized access to sensitive resources in the Domain can cause irreparable damage. ADAudit Plus alerts administrators on multiple failed logon attempts on these resources. This helps to proactively get hold of all such miscreants and prevent any security violations.


Determine the Cause of a Security Breach

ADAudit Plus provides the history of changes done on a user, computer or group. It also reports all changes done by any selected user. Any security breach in the network will be proficiently identified by examination of these reports.

Satisfy Compliance Requirements

Organizations need an objective in their approach to satisfy compliance requirements. ADAudit Plus provides a host of built-in and out-of-the-box reports along with a pre-configurable report to help address regulatory standards and compliance requirements like SOX, HIPAA, GLBA and more with ease.


You & ADAudit Plus. Your Benefits.

Active Directory Audit and Compliance

Auditing Active Directory changes helps organizations to be compliant with regulatory requirements.

Active Directory Audit Reports

Configure user defined reports specific to objects and active directory changes and view them on a convenient ADAudit Plus web interface.

Audit User Management Actions

Keep tabs on what your users do. Study recent changes. Maintain accountable / historical data of user and administrator actions.


Track User Logon Actions

Audit and monitor logon actions of users including logon hours, peak logon times and more. ADAudit Plus reports facilitate effective monitoring / tracking of user logon.

Active Directory Alerts and Email Notification

ADAudit Plus allows you to custom configure (define) alerts for one or more desired Active Directory change events. Notify configured alerts via email to specified users.

Schedule Active Directory Change Reports

Schedule event log data extraction, view them as reports on the ADAudit Plus web interface, also configure them to be emailed to specified users at desired times.


ADAudit Plus. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... think ADAudit Plus to audit and report on Active Directory changes.

"ADAudit Plus has helped us create & streamline a Vulnerability Management process & added value to our company's network security."

Thomas Fraser, Acumen Global Technologies