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OS Deployer

OS Imaging & Deployment Software

What is OS Deployer?

  • A comprehensive OS deployment solution that automates the disk imaging and deployment process
  • Enables organizations to capture an image of the OS, applications, and configuration files that can be deployed to laptops and desktops rapidly and easily
  • Helps you to standardize the entire organization 

OS Deployer. Your Solution.

Centralized Disk Image Capturing

Gain the added benefit of OS Deployer's advanced features for image capture, management and deployment.

  • Online & Offline Imaging
  • Create an Image of a single or several partitions and hard disks
  • Image Protection
  • Set image compression levels
  • Split images into smaller sizes to suit available free space or the size of removable media
  • Validate images after they're created

Flexible OS Deployment Options

Automate OS Deployment to take control of provisioning desktops for new employees, redeploying the OS on corrupt PCs to save time on troubleshooting and ensure Organization Policies to re-deploy the OS periodically.

  • Manual Deployment
  • Event-Driven Deployment
  • Scheduled Deployment
  • Custom Deployment
  • Standalone Deployment
  • Universal Deployment

Role-Based Templates for Easy Deployment

Image Deployment Templates makes the deployment task easier for administrators..

  • Have multiple images for different roles/departments
  • Create multiple templates, which contains the details of the image and its deployment configurations
  • Facilitates easy Image Deployment

Post-Deployment Customization

Perform post-deployment configuration on the target computers that includes configuring:

  • User accounts
  • Computer Name
  • Domain/Workgroup Membership
  • Network Settings
  • Security Identifiers
  • Transferring Files
  • Executing Applications

You & OS Deployer. Your Benefits.

Customizable Image Capturing Options

Ability to capture a specific drive of a partition or the entire hard disk gives a complete control on what needs to be imaged.

Centralized Capturing & Deployment

Enhances productivity and reduces the time and effort by capturing and deploying the image from a central location.

Standalone Image Deployment

Deploy images to multiple computers from a central console or Deploy images to the systems that are not in the network.


Scheduled Deployment with Wake-on-LAN

Deploy images to computers at a scheduled time. The built-in Wake-on-LAN automatically boots the systems prior to deploying the images.

Create Bootable Media

Boot systems locally to capture or deploy images.

Universal Deployment

Deploy a standard image to computers with different hardware configurations, and Automatically Provision Dissimilar Hardware Using a Single Image.


OS Deployer. Fulfil your needs. Satisfy your wants.

Download and trial it in your own environment ... see why OS Deployer is the most comprehensive Disk Imaging and Deployment software.

OS Deployment is the first step in PC Life Cycle Management. Subsequently, the desktops and servers have to be effectively managed to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Some of the desktop management tasks include, deploying the required software and version updates, patch them periodically, manage the assets, managing software licenses, software metering, troubleshoot them when required, configure the application, applying security policies (USB, CD ROM, etc.), and so on. With a software in place of these tasks, you can achieve complete PC Life Cycle Management.

ManageEngine Desktop Central perfectly compliments the desktop management need of your organization. And the easy integration of OS Deployer with Desktop Central makes your job simple.