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Server & Application

Application Performance Management

On-premise & cloud-based solutions for managing & monitoring application performance focused on IT operations & DevOps teams

It’s new day for datacenter and server performance
management with ManageEngine

  • Resolve server performance problems
  • Monitor end user experience
  • Manage VMWare ESX servers and Guest OS performance
  • Optimize database, Exchange and cloud performance 
  • Know how IT SLAs are being impacted and take corrective action
  • Plan for IT capacity in your datacenters

Datacenter and server performance management multiplies the value of IT

Increasing technology and business challenges such as virtualization, server and data center consolidation require a robust, yet adaptive server management plan for the enterprise. With expensive and mission-critical applications running on server infrastructure, a break-fix management methodology is simply taboo.

Be it an over utilized resource causing an application failure or a malicious virus threatening data security, the Datacenter manager requires a server management solution that is proactive, up-to-date with technologies, and business intelligent

Datacenter and server performance management imperatives:

  • Make informed decisions - optimize efficiency of physical  and virtual servers, databases, Exchange, cloud resources and other critical business applications
  • Pinpoint application performance issues faster - reduce overall time to repair a problem
  • Gain deep insights to anticipate problems and not let an over-utilized resource cause application failures

ManageEngine Server & Application Performance Management Suite

ManageEngine’s suite of datacenter and server performance management solutions help you to:

  • Understand the end user's experience - gain actionable business intelligence
  • Make the right investments - plan datacenter capacity
  • Control complexity - manage virtual, cloud and physical environments from a single pane of glass
  • Ensure high uptime and performance - monitor applications and servers proactively
  • Save thousands of dollars - make the switch to ManageEngine