Giva eAssetManager, eSoftwareManager & eAutoDiscover

Today business moves at an unimaginable pace. Mobile employees and their technology tools travel the globe in a flash. Harware and software rapidly change. Threats to your IT infrastructure abound. In this environment, the challenge of tracking and managing your IT assets is daunting.

Giva eAssetManager™ and Give eSoftwareManager™ are asset management software solutions that help you track hardware and software history, license status, and ownership providing complete IT asset management. With a single Configuration Management Database (CMDB), Giva eAssetManager™ and Give eSoftwareManager™ deliver an intelligent data repository for all hardware and software assets and allow you to track and view the inter-relationships between incidents, problems and these assets.

Give eAutoDiscovery™ quickly discovers all hardware and installed software in your organisation, providing a single source of truth for your asset management process. Giva eAutoDiscovery scans your company network for PC asset information and automatically imports that information into the Giva CMDB. Using the Microsoft WMI API, Giva eAutoDiscovery queries the network for Windows-based machines without relying on asset management software on each PC. It retrieves the associated system information and automatically posts it to the Giva CMDB.

Together, Giva eAssetManager, Giva eSoftwareManager and Giva eAutoDiscovery work as a complement to Giva eHelpDesk to help you manage your IT assets and provide excellent service to your users.

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Source: Giva Asset Management Software