We started in 2004 as a company dedicated to providing affordable, disruptive IT management solutions and services to SMB’s and Enterprises. We promised we would deliver 90% of the functionality at 10% of the cost of the major vendors.

We brought ManageEngine into the Australian and New Zealand marketplace and developed their suite as the leading vendor of a complete IT management portfolio to the mid-size market, across all verticals in this region.

Today, Bellridge has evolved into a provider of Enterprise-wide solutions, assisting companies with migrating to the cloud and supporting their digital transformation journey, folowing the same philosophy of providing affordable solutions with the best project management support, to ensure customer success in aligning IT and business strategies. We do this by providing innovative, disruptive solutions that are ahead of the curve, along with consulting and technical services to simplify and automate tasks enabling our customers to achieve the highest level of success.

Bellridge is a people first entity, we are here to help you – our customer - create your vision. We believe in honest hard work, family values and customer success. We do what Henry Ford thought...

“Coming together is a beginning.
           Keeping together is progress.
                    Working together is success.“

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