Did you know that you can have a Network Management System up and running in 1 hour? The solution that lets you do all this is OpManager. Via the easy network device you can stop handling information twice and start getting the visibility you need to manage your network. Manage and monitor both local and wide area networks, servers, services, Microsoft applications and IT infrastructure components.

OpManager is a network management platform that will help your organization manage your data centre and IT infrastructure. With a 24/7 monitoring system, your team will be the first to know of any problems; and with in-depth analysis and reporting, you'll also rapidly resolve your network outages before they affect the end user.

An easy to use interface allows you to apply your organization’s monitoring policies across multiple devices in minutes. Its highly scalable architecture has the capacity to monitor 100 000 interfaces or 10 000 servers so it can grow alongside your organisation. And with android compatibility, you can stay connected anywhere, anytime.

OpManager functionality has been developed for IT teams focused on providing real business value, ensuring it is easy to manage and easy to adapt. Network Performance Monitoring gives you the ability to understand applications performance and how it impacts on your network. Via Server Performance Monitoring you can quickly resolve all your server performance problems and plan IT capacity for your data centres.  With Network Fault Monitoring you will isolate and troubleshoot all issues and be able to track and resolve them quickly. 

One hour and you'll have a best practice Network Management solution. In fact, by the time you finish reading this article, you could already have discovered 5000 interfaces and pre-configured thresholds through the device templates. Your next steps from here are just as simple - configure the device specifically to your organisational requirements without contracting expensive third-party services; and then sit back and watch as network devices you never thought you had are automatically discovered, monitoring intervals are set en masse and actions such as associating monitors to devices and adding devices to a business view are automated.

Stop handling information twice. Save time and money for your organization.  Monitor your entire network with OpManager.

Have a specific network issue you need to address? Comment below and tell us what it is and we'll show you how your OpManager can fix it. 

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The latest release of ServiceDesk Plus is sure to be a hit with IT teams, with enhancements set to make the leading help desk solution even better. We've been waiting for the new release and now it’s here. We want to share the top 5 features we believe will make a difference to how you use ServiceDesk Plus.

1. Customisable Change Management

Change Management is an essential ITIL process and with version 9.0 you get a broader toolset to implement and enforce your internal change management strategies. Now you can create multiple templates and specify a workflow for each template. Stages of the change path - submission, planning, approval, implementation, review and close; now have their own status list for quicker updates and a smoother process.

2. Customisable Dashboards

Tailor what you as a technician need to see every day with customisable dashboards. By using the built-in report tool you can simply manage and customise your reports and add them to your dashboard as widgets to save on time and easiness.

3. 64-bit Robo Technician

Robo Technician is a tool that automatically resets end-user passwords without having to tie up your technicians in the process. Now available for 64-bit operating systems, it can assist more ServiceDesk Plus customers. This tool is available as a licensed add-on.

4. Lucene Search Engine

Spend less time digging for requests and solutions and use your time where it’s more needed with the Lucene search engine. The high speed search method gives you more accurate results with its in-depth search functionality to instantaneously improve your performance and increase your scalability.


The CMDB module can now talk to third party systems, such as SCOM, to simply import and export your information. Via API you can add, update, read and delete configuration items (CI). You can also easily manage relationships between CIs and create different CI types to standardise output and save you time.

Want to know more?
 Have a look at the Full list of New Features and Enhancements from ServiceDesk Plus 9.0 to read more about the benefits waiting for you.

These were our top picks, but we'd like to know which feature is your favourite from the new release of ServiceDesk Plus 9.0. Please leave a comment below - we look forward to hearing your thoughts on these new features.

Ready to jump in? Make sure your license is up to date to access the new features.

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